Getting started

The vipaso SDK contains the well-tested implementation for vipasos Pay and PoS solutions. With the help of the SDK, client-side developers can create iOS and Android applications that can initiate and execute payment transactions while the Pay and PoS sides can transfer payment information via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

SDK binaries and sample apps




To make things easier, we use Swift Package Manager with a semi-private repository. Once your GitLab user got access to our git repository, you can include the framework as a Swift Package Manager package by using the git repo url.

[email protected]:vipaso/horizon/ios/vipaso-sdk.git


The vipaso SDK is also available with CocoaPods through a private spec repo. The installation in this case is as follows.

  1. Adding the private specs repo to CocoaPods.
pod repo add vipaso [email protected]:vipaso/horizon/ios/specs.git
  1. Adding the spec repo in the Podfile as source
source '[email protected]:vipaso/horizon/ios/specs.git'
  1. Ading the required SDK pod reference in the target section
target '<>' do
  pod "Vipaso", "~> 1.3.17"


Once your GitLab user got access to our git repository:

  1. Add the following to dependencyResolutionManagement in settings.gradle:
maven { url '<'> }
  1. Add the following to dependencies in your module’s build.gradle:
implementation ''

What’s Next