Getting Started with VIPASO

This page will help you get started with the VIPASO payment system. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

VIPASO: The Future of Mobile Payment Systems

VIPASO: Independent End-to-End Mobile Payment System

The world is ready for the new payment paradigm: a state-of-the-art payment solution, usable anywhere in the world, independent from payment schemes, mobile phone companies, mobile operators, or existing financial rails – pushing the boundaries to a new horizon.

The smartphone and mobile handset have become the ubiquitous device in the hands of billions of people worldwide. Making payments with a fingertip is conquering the habits of consumers and businesses. Banks, financial institutions, retailers, shopping mall operators and many more are striving to provide easy, reliable, resilient and convenient payment solutions for their customers or their customers' customers.

VIPASO is a solution that can be the core and anchor for multiple uses, supporting their habits with loyalty features, financial services, couponing and more.

What is needed is simple: two handsets, two apps and one solution: by simply waving the handsets to each other and tapping "ok", the payment is done. Anywhere.

No additional hardware, no additional system features, no additional infrastructure needed.

What is VIPASO?

VIPASO is a complete end-to-end mobile payment solution based on Bluetooth Smart© data transmission technology. Consisting of two different apps – one for the consumer, the other for the merchant – and a back-end solution covering security technology (tokenization), onboarding function, transaction management (session handling, matching) interfaces to existing payment rails (issuers, acquirers, payment service providers, payment schemes, financial institutions, MNOs, banks) and value added service functions (loyalty, search, payment archive, couponing, ...).

The solution is payment method agnostic, allowing not only card-based payments (eg.: Visa, Mastercard) but also account to account transactions or mobile money transactions and is available for both iOS and Android operating systems. It is a full white-label solution that can be run by anyone, independently and is at par with industry solutions.

User Roles


This user role represents businesses such as retailers, shopping mall operators, small businesses and many more with the goal to provide easy, reliable and convenient payment independent from any installed infrastructure, such as POS-terminals in a cost-effective and convenient way.


End-user who is going to use the application as a payment initiation solution for his favorite services. This user is able to perform a payment with only two clicks and is able to view the list of all transactions from one or many cards in one place, find locations and enlist in bonus programs, if offered by the merchant of choice.